About Us


          Unfashion Magazine officially launched in July of 2015. Our semiannual independent magazine is a Fine Arts, High-Fashion Menswear publication. Featuring inside: beautifully crafted editorials, articles from your favorite fashion bloggers on the web, Conversations with industry folks & musicians (upcoming & established) who we feel deserve the utmost respect, showcasing art pieces, from artist of all mediums, like a museum, and male celebrities whom are revamped & put into breath-taking spreads you would not want to miss available via print + digital WORLDWIDE! Everything featured inside is from genius creatives all around the world! Donations to International Child Art Foundation for every issue sold. #fashionforacause

Join us as we redefine Fashion & Art forever!

Meet the Team:

Nik Castañon – Founder/Editor-in-Chief

















Art Director – Jono Madison


Fashion Director – Timothy Robishaw