Unfashion Magazine is Now Using KAVYAR for Submissions!

Unfashion x Kavyar

Source: Unfashion Magazine – KAVYAR

We are proud to announce to you all that all of our submission needs will now be through Kavyar.com. Please be advised that if you are a writer, blogger, or submitting music/musicians continue the process of reaching us through our email hello.unfashionmag@gmail.com. Thank you so much to all our collaborators past, present, and future. Thank you for being a part and wanting to become a part of the Unfashion Magazine history!

IGERS: #IAMART | Hashtagging to be Featured is a thing?

I am art hashtag Men's High-Fashion Menswear Magazine Unfashion

          So here it is, the whole purpose for the hashtag #IAMART. Unfashion Magazine loves Instagram! Our team will be choosing 3 lucky artists (photographer, models, stylist, drawers, painters, etc.) to be featured. Each person out of the 3 chosen will either be feature in the coming issue, the following issue, or here on our website. So think fast people, person selected first will be going into the next issue, in this case,  “TWO” releasing this come January 2016! Tell your friends, tell your family, your friends family, hell tag their images for them. This shall get very interesting. Remember this only applies to Instagram! Follow us @unfashion.magazine and get to tagging!

*Each issue sold percentage goes to International Child Art Foundation (goo.gl/DfPF3U). Purchase here (goo.gl/qChLnA).  #fashionforacause




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