Rule of Thirds

It is finally here! Today is the day. We would like to thank everyone who is now a part of the Unfashion Magazine history. Today marks the official release of Rule of Thirds. To our amazing team and all the creative geniuses within our pages. Artist interpretation piece for Rule of Thirds is brought to you by Rachel Smith (@rachel_smith_studio on Instagram). 1% of every issue sold is donated to Children’s Charity.

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Pregrame Webseries Premiere | Los Angeles [Promo]


Join the cast and crew of the newly acclaimed webseries ‘Pregame‘ on October 4th, 2015 for their official viewing & release party. All you folks in Los Angeles looking for a night of networking, socializing, and familiarizing yourselves with the cast and crew come out to West Hollywood’s Revolver Nightclub @ 7 pm sharp. Get ready for:



“The party before the party: great friends, plenty of drinks, plenty of food, plenty of “T”. Catch it!”



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